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Manchild physical release cover art

Manchild was an album released in February 2017 by former Hamiltonian Phum Viphurit, now based in Bankok, Thailand. It was initially released as a digital download via Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. In 2018, the album was released on transparent yellow coloured vinyl by Hong Kong label White Noise Records (WN1019), and on CD by Japanese label Lirico ‎(LIIP-1531).


  1. Strangers In A Dream 3:26
  2. Run 4:36
  3. The Art Of Detaching One's Heart (feat. Jenny & The Scallywags) 4:27
  4. Trial And Error 5:04
  5. Adore 3:52
  6. Paper Throne 3:45
  7. Beg 4:38
  8. Long Gone 3:34
  9. Sweet Hurricane 3:25
  10. Fresh Off the Boat(Bonus track) 2:02