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James Campkin, a.k.a. Jimbo Jones, was born in Hamilton, November 1975. He started playing drums from the age of five and received his first drum-kit when he was 10. He also plays guitar, bass, keyboards and poker.

His first band was started at Peachgrove Intermmediate in 1986, Juju Lapenius and The Feebleminded Retards, with Juju Lapenius (vocals, guitar) and Skinny Vinnie Vincent the Spaghetti Legs (guitar).

At Hillcrest High School multiple bands were created including Vomit Sox, Valhalla and Guts.

Other bands to follow were Dirty Spider, Leithe, Atavistic, Cone and Acme.

In 2002 he moved to Australia and currently lives in Newcastle. He has played in Typhos and is currently in Strapped In and Sea Hunt.