Fiji Baby

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Fiji Baby was a song by Auckland band Goodshirt, that appeared on their 2004 album Fiji Baby, and was released as a single in the same year. The song had a video that was played widely, and reaching 25 on the NZ charts.


Fiji Baby album cover art

When we went to Hamilton I said
"Just pretend it's a holiday"
And you said
"Yep, I'll just pretend it's Fiji baby"

You drive me up the wall sometimes you say
"It's better if we spend some time away"
In the middle of this mid something break down

So come on now, it's not a race
We'll catch up when the end is near
Let's fall away and disappear again

You're the one I want to say
That I always want to stay with you
When this world's about to end
You pull me through


So come on now
Come on now
So come on now
Now, now, now, now