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Dylan Taite (1939-2003) was a music journalist who worked in Hamilton. Born in Liverpool, Taite immigrated to New Zealand with his parents in the 1960s. Taite became the drummer for the band The Merseymen (at which time he went under the pseudonym Jett Rink), who had residency at Auckland's Beatle Inn. The band released one album (A Visit to the Beatle Inn) and five singles.

Taite's first job in journalism was as a proof-reader at the Waikato Times. He moved from there to Hamilton radio station 1ZH, and then in 1970 became a reporter on television show Top Half, which was broadcast between North Cape to Turangi. On Top Half, the producers struggled to get him to focus on Hamilton content.

Among Taite's most notable interview subjects were Bob Marley and Lou Reed. While living in London in 1976, he spent time with Malcolm McLaren, and it was Taite who reputedly gave McClaren the idea that the Sex Pistols should sign their contract to EMI outside Buckingham Palace.