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The 'Cult Picnic' originated early in 2005. The first offical Cult Picnic was the hippy picnic, attended by all of four people. The tradition of pumpkin stealing also began. A few weeks later was the '80s picnic, again four people present.

The breakthrough was the Cult Picnic held in honour of Kathmans 17th birthday in the Hamilton Gardens Glasshouse. About 25 people came and went, it all descended into a mass jam using knifes and and plastic bags. Photos can be found on

Picnics have continued changing locations and people. Fruit tea was a Cult Picnic staple, as well as masses of fruit, bread and cheese, and sometimes hot chips. Cult Picnic entertainment came in the form of a large AM radio, guitars, tambourines, swingball, a paddling pool, cricket and elastics.

Picnics were usually organised in conjunction with a Htown Dance Troupe invasion.

The Picnics[edit]

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