Bag of Ants

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Bag of Ants cover art

Bag of Ants was an album released by The Goth and the Pixie on CD, and as digital download, in November 2017. The bands name is given incorreclt on the cover as The Goth and Pixie, rather than The Goth and the Pixie.


  1. (Death on) State Highway Number Two 04:54
  2. Ain't that Just the Way 04:35
  3. Hush 03:21
  4. Bag of Ants 05:08
  5. Enormous Expletives 01:19
  6. Emit Snake-Beings, Russell Shaw, and David Normal. - Anacrusis 02:44
  7. Broken Piano Song 02:24
  8. Irrelephant 02:52
  9. I Don't Know What to Do... 02:08
  10. Stop. 03:25

External Links[edit]

  • Bag of Ants on Bandcamp [1]