A Slight Hitch

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A Slight Hitch was the first Shrugs release on Auckland-based indie label Powertool Records. It was also the first set of recordings to feature the line-up of Geoff Doube, Gordon Bassett and Natalie McKelvey. The album was recorded by the band and Andrew Dean. It was called 'A Slight Hitch' to commemorate the mishaps that beset its gestation.


A Slight Hitch cover art
  1. Rucksack
  2. Edge of the Earth
  3. Snow and Lightning
  4. Lifestyle Police
  5. I'm a Liar
  6. Under Watercolour Skies
  7. I Wanna Feel Myself
  8. Corrugated Iron
  9. Our Time
  10. Leave a Message

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