A Lone Cloudburst

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A Lone Cloudburst was an album by sink \ sink released on tape via Already Dead Tapes and Records (USA) and on double 3" CD via indie label Susy Records (Peru) on 28 May 2013.

The album was produced by Sean Lynch, with album art by Hamilton artist Stephanie Chalmers.


Art associated with A Lone Cloudburst

Side A:

  1. cherished
  2. fade away
  3. a distant backdrop
  4. submerged

Side B:

  1. lamna dorren oppen
  2. last call sounded
  3. nobody knows
  4. before
  5. deep grey skies


Website Beats Per Minute described album track 'submerged' as "an amalgamation of buried distortion, singer Ylva Krantz’s ephemeral voice, and a wash of densely layered instrumentation. Opening with a salvo of My Bloody Valentine-esque hiss and grit before slowly morphing into thick cello and acoustic guitar notes, the track seems intent on waving as many influences in front of our faces as possible–and that is definitely a good thing. When you can subvert and combine sounds and genres as well as sink\sink can, I think you’re allowed to show off a bit".

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