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11.11 was an album released by Prudence in 2002.


  • John Bell: vocals, guitars, piano-keyboard, bass and programmed drums
  • Andy (Roo) Bell: drums on The Performer and Lost and Found
  • Ross Jones: Piano and Moog on Soul Survivor (Casualty)
  • Mac Miller: Organ on Dazed
  • All songs written and performed by Johnny Bell
  • Recorded and mixed by Zed Brookes and Johnny Bell at Waikato Institute of Technology


  1. Thoughts
  2. The Performer
  3. Lost and Found
  4. Destination Planet Earth
  5. 11.11
  6. Someone
  7. Dazed
  8. Never Forget You
  9. Planes
  10. Soul Survivor (Casualty)