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Truckers Move America was less a "real" band than a concept. The closest to there being an actual gig by Truckers Move America came in 2000, when Jed and Dan, most recently of SophieXEnola, joined forces with Rob Jerram (Hamilton actor and poet) and John-Paul of the Clampers one night while intoxicated in Wellington, and played the Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane during an open mic night at some random bar in Cuba Mall. Upon taking the stage, John-Paul announced the band was called Timothy, yet upon leaving the stage (after an inept Dan had been replaced on drums by a local) Jed announced the ad-hoc group was in fact called Truckers Move America.

Others associated with the Truckers Move America conecpt included Amy Doyle (of SophieXEnola and the Dead Pan Rangers), Emma Philpott, Dave, and others who may've lived on Nixon Street in the late 1990s.

Rob and Jed later used the moniker for their collaborative recordings, though it is unknown if these were ever released in any form.

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