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Contact 89fm had a Top 13 countdown every Wednesday between 7 and 8pm. Shane Booker hosted the show for many years. From 1996 onwards Kevin Glover hosted the Top 13 every second weeks and co-hosted with Shane on the alternate weeks (after Shane’s work schedule changed).

The Top 13 was sponsored by Tracs and Demo Street Wear at various times.

The Top 13 for 2 April 1997 was:

1. Shady Lane (Pavement)
2. Morning Lemon (The Chemical Brothers)
3. Eye - (Smashing Pumpkins)
4. Capsul (Bailter Space)
5. Stereo - (Pavement)
6. Toxygene (The Orb)
7. Palm Singing (Bressa Creeting Cake)
8. Willing To Wait (Sebadoh)
9. Block Rockin' Beats (The Chemical Brothers)
10. The World's Most Famous Undertaker (Skeleton Key)
11. Keep Me Lifted (Spearhead)
12. Inhaler (Hoover)
13. Talk Show Host (Radiohead)

Bubbling under:
Da Funk (Daft Punk)
Black Domina (Source Direct)
A Crying Shame (Head Like A Hole)

The most successful song on the Top 13 was Risingson by Massive Attack, which spent over 10 weeks at number 1 and 26 weeks on the chart. Mutilated Lips by Ween spent over 3 months on the chart.