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The Trons, screenshot from video

The Trons are an all robot band, comprising Ham (lead guitar, vocals), Wiggy (guitar), Swamp (drums) and Fifi (keyboards). Each member has meccano fingers, run by computer. They were created, and are managed and programmed by Greg Locke. Live performances have included the Hamilton "Ignition Fringe Festival" in 2008. The band achieved rapid international attention. Within one week of their video being posted on YouTube (11 June 2008) it had achieved >50000 views, and exceeded 100000 by 20 June, being one of the most popular New Zealand videos in that time. By 18 June Locke had appeared on Campbell Live, interviewed by David Farrier, about the project.

Published Articles

  • The Trons, Mammoth 8, June 2-June 15 2008

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