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The Mods, 1965: Wayne Reynolds, John Bisset, Kevin McNeil, Neil Reynolds and Clive Coulson

The Mods were a pop group from the early to mid-1960s featuring John Bissett (guitar, keyboards, vovals), Kevin McNeil (bass, vocals), Neil Reynolds (drums) and Wayne Reynolds (guitar, vocals), and later added Clive Coulson. Coulson moved to Britain in the mid-1960s, becoming road manager for bands such as Free, Bad Company, Human Instinct, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart. However, the band continued without him, recording two singles. Both singles gained national radio airplay and reached the Top 10 on the Lever's Hit Parade. The band regularly played at the Starlight Ballroom and The Three Musicians. They also backed Ray Columbus for numerous shows.

Coulson returned to New Zealand in 1999, and the band reformed in 2004 for a 40th anniversary gig played at Revert. The band played again several times after, including the Great Race Ball in August 2006. However, this performance was without Coulson who passed away in early 2006. A tribute concert for Coulson was played in October 2006 at Le Grand Hotel. On 11 October 2009 the band again reformed for their 45th anniversary, playing at The Hog.


Published Articles

  • Mods-Father Honoured with Concert by Geoff Lewis, Hamilton Press, 27 September 2006, P7
  • The Mods celebrate 45th anniversary by {{jeff Neems]], Waikato Times, 10 October 2009
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