The Hollow Grinders Dig Chicks

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The Hollow Grinders Dig Chicks! was the first full length album by Hamilton's premiere surf music combo The Hollow Grinders, released in 2001 on the Claudelands Beach Boardriders Club label (CBBC1). A release gig was held on 11 May 11 2001 at Diggers, with Scooter, Nodrog, Pumice and GJ West the Juggling Cowboy supporting.

All songs written and produced by the Hollow Grinders.
Engineered by Gordon Bassett.
Recorded at 32E Studios and The Fridge.


Eddie Hodad - guitar
Biff Bangle - guitar, bass
Dirk Thrust - drums


Dig Chicks! cover art
  1. We Dig Chicks!
  2. Piha Death-Rip
  3. Ghost In The Surf
  4. Boom Finder
  5. Moehau Monster
  6. Repo Man
  7. Pania (Of The Reef)
  8. Rhythm & Swing
  9. Two Suits
  10. Hodad Bitch
  11. Raptures Of The Deep
  12. Do The Grinder Stomp!