The Bathtub Sophist

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The Bathtub Sophist

Alt/Electronic solo project of Arron Stewart. One of H-towns quiet achievers.

In 2007, TBS released an EP of early tracks and demos titled That Down-Home Astral Sound made at home with 'audacity', a broken guitar, a computer and 500ms of lag. 2008 saw the release of his first finished works on the 5 track EP Music from an L-Shaped Room. With a slow but steadily growing, largely international, fan base, the Bathtub Sophist's home-brewed music has now featured on radio in many countries including the USA, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Spain and NZ. He has also featured on dozens of notable pod-casts, has done some minor radio interviews and magazine spots in both America and Canada, has been reviewed positively in the acclaimed 'music-street journal' and did a near-record run on the charts, including a short stint at #1. Stewart has plans to develop a live show further down the line, time and energy permitting, and hopes to increase his local profile in Hamilton/NZ. A new EP is set for release in early 2009. Arron is also a founding member, songwriter and lead guitarist for Hamilton Garage Rock/Punk Band Sumo Love Machine.

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