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Step Chant Unit, 1985
Step Chant Unit, 1985

Step Chant Unit were pop/rock group from 1983-1987 featuring Zed Brookes (bass, vocals), Neville Sergent (drums, percussion), Sue Toms (keyboards) and Brian Brighting (guitar, vocals). They released a cassette titled I.C. Dream in 1983, and a 12" record in 1985 titled Painting Pictures. They had the track Doesn’t time fly included on the 1990 Just Teasing V1 compilation, and another on the 1985 Jayrem compilation Package to Sell.

Painting Pictures spent three weeks in the New Zealand charts, peaking at number 34. The song also charted on Radio Contact's Alternative Top 11. The band supported Dunedin's The Stones at the Hillcrest Tavern on June 1983.

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