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*Henry Harrison - keyboards, percussion  
*Henry Harrison - keyboards, percussion  
==Former members==
*[[Moetu Smith]] - vocals
*Faith Miru - vocals
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Second Chapter were a roots/reggae band formed in November 2008. The band have played support for House of Shem, Cornerstone Roots, Knights of the Dub Table and Zionhill. Other gigs included the Raglan Polynesian Arts festival in May 2009, and they won their heat in Band Experiments 2009. They somewhat controversially asked their former frontman Moetu Smith to leave the band just days before the final. Smith went on to form Kingshifta.


  • Frank Ahuriri - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Elliot Mason - lead guitar
  • Mauhana Eyles - drums
  • Ngaire-Anne Daniels - vocals
  • Harley Taare - bass, backing vocals
  • Henry Harrison - keyboards, percussion

Former members

External Links