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Revert, formerly on Alexandra Street, opposite Altitude, was just another hamtown niteclub catering to the shiney shirted boys and boob tube girls of Hamilton's mainstream night-life, though with a superficially more "classy" veneer when compared to the likes of the Outback or the Loaded Hog. The standard musical fare was the popular dancefloor standards of the time, but on two occassions Revert made forays into live music with interesting results.

Die Die Die

In late 2004 Revert hosted a gig by Auckland spazz-rockers Die Die Die supported by abrasive punk harpies the Coolies as the finale of Wintec's Spark Festival. Those punters who new a) the style of the bands and b) the style of the bar went along knowing it would be an interesting night, some even suspecting it to be a prank on the bar, the bands and/or the audience. Sullen and scruffy rock types tried not to mingle with the peacock-like regular clientale, unfortunately unable to get stuck into the booze due to the bar's outrageous prices. Within five seconds of the Coolies set, which lasted for about five minutes, the jock-proffesional and pub-slut regulars had swiftly exited with revolted and perplexed expressions on their pretty faces.

A good size crowd assembled for Die Die Die who, finding themselves in such an alien environment, made their set as abrasive as possible. After one song the bar staff and bouncers were apoplectic with rage at this disregard for their sophisticated clientelle and the bar's carefully managed and marketed atmosphere. After a few songs the bouncers ended this subversion of this precious premises by sutting the power to Die Die Die's PA, inspiring cheers and celebration from the band and their audience, before a Kylie Minogue dance remix was started to drive them out.

The Black Seeds

Revert was on safer ground in February 2005 with much more accesible The Black Seeds, though the gig was spoiled for many of the Balck Seeds' fans by extortionate door sales of $40 (compared to $20 advertised, leading to accusations that Revert was ripping off the band) and the usual clash of cultures when rock, reggae or otherwise 'alternative' bands play in wanky niteclubs.

Revert has since fallen victim to the vagaries of Hamilton mainstream night-life fashions; it is unlikely anyone remotely interested in live music misses it.