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==Sound and Lighting==
==Sound and Lighting==
* [[Click Sound]]
* [[Click Sound]] - ?
* [[Rock Lighting and Sound]]
* [[Rock Lighting and Sound]] - '''current'''
* [[Scott Sound]]
* [[Scott Sound]] - '''current'''
* [[Theta Productions]]
* [[Theta Productions]] - past
==[[Music Stores]]==
==[[Music Stores]]==

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This page contains information on Hamilton music-related resources, including current internet sites that contain broad coverage of Hamilton music, Hamilton Zines and other Print items (both past and present), Radio Stations that have been supportive of Hamilton music, local Record Labels, and Recording Studios.



Radio Stations

Record Labels

Recording Studios

Musical Instrument Stores

Sound and Lighting

Music Stores

From LPs to CDs, over the years Hamilton music buyers have had a number of stores in which to indulge their habits.