Peace Skank Inquiry

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Founded in late 2004, Peace Skank Inquiry (PSI) were originally intended to be a trad Ska band, unfortunately it turned out their good friend Lisa didn't actually own a saxophone, and all the trumpet players lived out of town.

However this didn't stop them - PSI wrote songs anyway, the first of which 'That's Right, We Hate Hardcore' immediately putting them at odds with Hamilton's predominant underground scene.

Members are Chris on drums, Jackie on guitar, Kerry on keys, Loucke on bass and Dick Dynamite on vocals.

PSI have had too many previous drummers to name, however the most notable of which was David Costly, who shall be remembered fondly for his homebrewed spirits, faulty homemade sound gear, and for accidentally throwing his drumsticks out the window in the middle of a gig.

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