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"Lotus" cover art

The New Caledonia (NewCal) was first theorised by Fagan Wilcox and Timon Martin in 2003, with the initial lineup coming together in 2004. At first, Carl Watkins from Daisy Chain Halo was in the band as vocalist, but soon left as the band decided to pursue a more instrumental based sound. Fagan and Michael Taylor (bass) had previously played in Stadium.

Best described as post-rock jazz, Hendrix and Mars Volta influenced, doobie rock, they released a song called Disco in Outer Space City online in 2006, before releasing their debut album Lotus in 2007. A video for Zoot Suit Pseudo was posted on their MySpace page in March 2007. The band left Hamilton shortly afterward for Melbourne, Australia, and changed their name to Quarks in July 2008. Creative differences caused the band to split in October 2008. Martin, Wilcox and Bicknell have played in Kimbra's live band since 2009, with Bicknell leaving in 2010 and Wilcox in 2014.



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