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Never Project Space entrance, September 2020

Never Project Space is an independent artist-run space in Frankton. It originally opened as Skinroom, named in homage to its previous life as a tattoo studio, which was founded in 2015. It was re-branded as Never Project Space in mid-2020.

Significant Gigs[edit]

  • Flight Mode (Flight_1): Moppy, Kaczynski, Umbrellas, 26 June 2020
  • Flight Mode (Flight_2): Shanalog (Auckland) and Forest Spirits (Auckland), 10 July 2020
  • Chris Thompson, 17 July 2020
  • Flight Mode (Flight_3): Half/Time (Wairehu Grant and Glass Shards, 18 September 2020

Published Articles[edit]

External Links[edit]

  • Never Project Space website [3]
  • Never Project Space Facebook page [4]