NRG Rising

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NRG Rising

NRG Rising are a six piece R&B/Reggae Band formed in April 2009, fronted by three female vocalists (Sistah B, Anahera and Honey). The band, originally called 3 Up Front, focus on composing original music and songs, although still include some covers in their sets. They intend to release an EP in the near future.


  • Brother Truce (Bevin Hira): bass
  • Sistah B (Benita Tahuri): percussion and vocals
  • Anahera (Anahera-Pono Tahuri Whakatope): vocals
  • Honey (Harete Whariki Tahuri-Whakatope): vocals
  • 2 Roads (Shaun Mortensen): drums
  • Jason Davis: rhythm guitar

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