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MC Stormtroopa
MC Stormtroopa logo

MC Stormtroopa was a 'nerdcore' rapper, whose rhymes were based on Star Wars. He released two EPs, Dark Side of the Death Star (2007) and Sith Style Swagger (2010).

MC Stormtroopa (a.k.a. Matt7) was the star of 2007's Camp A Low Hum. He gained national exposure in 2007 featuring on TV3 News and Nightline, interviewed by David Farrier. He was interviewed again by Farrier for an article on Nerdcore in Rip it Up in 2008. MC Stormtroopa released all his merchandise in a non-profit manner.


Published Articles[edit]

  • MC Stormtroopa interview, Nexus, 14 May 2007
  • Dark Side of the Death Star review, Nexus, 15 October 2007
  • Hardcore Nerds by David Farrier, Rip it Up 323: 50-52, June/July 2008

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