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Finalists of the Battle of the Bands competition in 1996, Leithe were a punk band from Hamilton and Raglan.

In 1994 James Campkin and Bill Wallnutt had been playing together in Dirty Spider, but this had fallen away. Keen to jam they got Campbell Elliott and Jeremy Flynn to play guitar and sing respectively, with Bill playing bass. This evolved to Gareth Pemberton playing bass and Bill moving to vocals.

Their music was a mix of punk, rock, metal and funk with a wide range of influences showing through from the four members.

They played extensively around the North Island and recorded three albums and three EPs, although nothing was released. These recordings are now on YouTube [1] [2] [3].

Their last gig was on 31 December 1999 on Wainui Road, Raglan, that had been shutdown for a New Year's party.

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