Laughter in the Mainsail

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<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here[[image:laughter.gif|right|thumb|Final gig art]] ''Laughter in the Mainsail'' were active between 2008 and 2010. The bands core members were [[Leyton Broom]] (guitar) Joel Brifault (drums) [[Jamie Dryden]] (vocals) and [[Alan Deare]] (bass). Ruth Randall was another vocalist. They also had a violin player. [[Jono Gemmell]] became the next drummer. Leyton and Jamie collaborated to write the bulk of the material. Gigs included the [[Mammoth]] first birthday bonanza, support for ''Clap Clap Riot'' and [[Circle Jerk 2009]]. In February 2010 they had a farewell gig at [[Ward Lane]] with [[Milk Train]] and [[The Dusk]]. They also have written Following their break up, Dryden and Deare formed [[Blood Pops]] in 2011. Haunted Ears 2011 album worth a mention. Leyton and Jamie are still collaborating to this day on various projects. Recently, they performed an exclusive rooftop gig above the town square - Garden place? ==External Sites== *[ ''Laughter in the Mainsail'' MySpace page] [category:bands]] {{Band-Stub}}