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Kitchenette at Needle in the Hay, 21 April 2018 (thedugganaut photo)

Kitchenette is a largely acoustic duo featuring Julian White and Greg Edwards, both also of The Scones. Edwards plays guitar and White plays multiple instruments, including a mini-accordion, Casiotone and glockenspiel. Their first gig was on 23 November 2017, supporting US artists Shibby Pictures and Whitney Flynn at Creative Waikato. Other gigs have included Future City Festival 2018 and a 'World Record Day 2018' performance at Needle in the Hay.

White and Edwards attended Northcote College, Auckland, together in the 1980s; the two formed a band together at the time called Limited Western Art, and later played together again while at university in Auckland in Yorkie the Bricklayer.

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