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Watershed photo from Nexus, 31 July 1991; Jonathan at far right

Originally hailing from Rotorua, Jonathan Harverson Armstrong (better known as Jonny) was the son of a Baptist minister. In Rotorua he was in a band called Number Thieves, and was later the co-founder of Book of Martyrs (along with former Number Thief Alan Deare), performing drums and vocals from 1988 to 1993. Following a move by Book of Martyrs from Rotorua to Hamilton in 1990, he became the drummer for Watershed and their side-project Anaganasnagamal. In 1991 he was briefly a member of Clambone. From about 1992-1994 he appeared as the vocalist for Hapukalypse Now, formed from remnants of Book of Martyrs and The Haunting. Armstrong's solo project Tugboat emerged around 1994 before he joined The Chills in 1995. He is most famously remembered during this time for flying to England to record The Chills' "Sunburnt" album in 1995, only to be turned around on arrival for not realising he needed a visa for recording work. He does not appear on the album, with his place taken by former "XTC" member Dave Mattacks. He did, however, appear for the Chills on the track Yabba Dabba Do, a b-side to the 1996 single Surrounded, recorded at York St Studios. He also appeared in the video for the single 'Come Home'.

Returning to Rotorua, Armstrong ran Bar Barella between 1998 and 2008, which closed following the bars 10th anniversary celebration.

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