Jimmy Smint and the Artwank Crew

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Infamous, barely musical performance art group led by Jim O'Brien (a.k.a., Jimmy Smint), with Simon Howie (a.k.a., Symon Pymen), Shawn Rolton (a.k.a., Shawn Porn), Joe McCormick (a.k.a., Joe Booff) and Paul Beere (a.k.a., Paulio Heglaciass). They rose to notoriety in 1998 after a performance at the Wailing Bongo during the Contact FM Battle of the Bands where they were accused of, amongst other things, engaging in onstage homosexual acts and bestiality.

During one show at J.B.C., the group (performing without leader Jimmy Smint) engaged in swordfighting - with their penes.

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