Hometown Voodoo

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1981 album by Chris Thompson, recorded in Hamilton, but released through Havelock North label Jolly Roger Records (CHEST 6019). The album included his song "Hamilton". This album has been re-released on CD, with bonus tracks, and is available from Jolly Roger Records.


  1. Hometown voodoo
  2. Hamilton
  3. Opium song
  4. Studio in Gm (guitar solo)
  5. Oh yes believers
  6. My three sisters and I
  7. The story of my arrest and trial
  8. The shooting season (guitar solo)
  9. Where is my wild Rose?
  10. Life of crime
  11. Along the moonlight sand
  12. Mary go round
  13. I know what it’s like
  14. Oh for the days of chivalry
  15. I love my love so well
  16. Grocer’s blues
  17. Backstage (guitar solo)
  18. We need oil
  19. If you must hurry
  20. She should have been a lady
  21. The bear behind
  22. Unique New York (guitar solo)
  23. The peeping Tom
  24. Third vegetable blues
  25. Barcelona