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What makes a good Wiki article? Firstly, it should be broad in its coverage, but should also be clear and concise. It should be well-written and encyclopaedic (i.e., it should not read as a press release, or contain personal opinions). Finally, the spelling and grammar should be correct, and the article should contain some images. If you find articles you don’t think fit the description of a good article, feel free to edit them – it’s a wiki!

Getting Started

Here are some links to help you get started on the Htown wiki.

Editing Pages (Wikipedia)

Guide to starting new sections

How to create a redirect (for bands who've changed names, etc)

Basically, it uses a similar, if not almost identical format to the infamous Wikipedia. If you've hacked and slashed your way through there before, you'll have no problems doing the same (if not a little more constructively) here.

Feel free to start pages on pretty much anything to do with the Htown music scene, even if it's just stubs and bits and pieces to begin with. Over time, others will add and correct things. Don't be afraid!


Please use categories regularly and constructively. Check whether the page you're creating/editing falls within any existing categories and add them accordingly or create your own. Do this by adding


to the end of your page. If you are creating a new category simply use the new category name and it will be created. Be careful not to duplicate categories, eg: Don't create a category Band when Bands already exists.

Rules and more

Please don't vandalise and abuse people at random. You will get your IP blocked if someone knowledgeable in the ways of the force finds out.

If you want 'sysop' status (and the abilities to protect/unprotect pages, block vandals, delete/undelete pages, summon demons at will, etc), the best way to get it will be to prove yourself useful here.


Use the discussion tabs at the top of the page to discuss page content or info.

There is further discussion at here.


The Htown is wiki is non-profit, and done at no-cost with you guessed it, no budget. No one involved is making any money off of this.