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Handsome Geoffrey were a three-piece guitar pop group from Hamilton Girls' High School in the late 1990s. One of the more successful groups of the time, the band came to prominence NZ-wide by winning the national Rockquest in 1998. All three members are still playing music together under the name Duchess, with additional musicians. Duchess is based in Auckland.

Handsome Geoffrey

Handsome Geoffrey was a three piece - Anna Coddington (guitar), Janna (bass) and Aidee (drums). With simple & sweet yet melodically interesting songs such as Around the Sun and Surly Little Bugger, the group had as many detractors as they did followers, which was plenty, perhaps more of each than any other Hamilton band since (excluding perhaps the Datsuns). An infamous incident occured during a performance at the Hillcrest Tavern, Anna was hit in the face by a glass beer mug.

After relocating to Auckland sometime a few years ago, the group re-emerged as indie-pop rockers Duchess. Featuring a heavier, noiser sound yet retaining most of what was already good about Handsome Geoffrey, Duchess released their debut EP in 2005.

Anna Coddington sung backing vocals on Bic Runga's latest release, Birds.

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