Hamilton County Bluegrass Band

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Formed in 1967 by Hamilton and Auckland musicians, the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band were initially Dave Calder (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Paul Trenwith (banjo, vocals), Alan Rhodes (guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals), Colleen Bain (fiddle), Len Cohen (bass), Sandy McMillin (string bass) and Lindsay Bedogni (guitar, vocals). They played mainly folk and bluegrass music.

The band was given a two year residency on the television program 'Country Touch' early in their career, which helped rapidly build an audience. They have released at least 15 albums and 11 singles, mostly between 1967 and 1974. Among their most unusual songs, the band recorded the 'Hip Hi Panty Hose' jingle, used in television and radio advertising around 1970.

An extended history of the band can be found at sergent.com.au: [[1]]



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