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Hamilton was a song released by Chris Thompson on his 1981 album, Hometown Voodoo. It was re-released on his 1990 album The Road to Raglan and 1993 album Coffee Break. The song has been covered at the Hamilton Circle Jerk by The Shrugs in 2006 and by Big Muffin Serious Band in 2008.


Hamilton, Hamilton
Greatest little town in New Zealand
But I'd do any thing to get away
Trouble is I'm committed here
Dad's gone blind I've gotta fetch him his beer
And when the shearing's over
we're starting hay

Every evening when the sun goes down
Most of the jokers go downtown
And pick up a sheila or get pissed
Some go home, turn on T.V.
And while the wife is burning tea
They nip down to the army depot and enlist


The only time I ever had a real chance
It was down at the Ngahinapouri dance
When I met a little girl, she said her name was Sue
I said, "Gidday Sue, my name's Chris
Let's step outside an' cuddle an' kiss"
She punched me in the mouth and then she shot through


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