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Ha Ha Ha was a New Zealand punk/post-punk dedicated zine initiated in 1983 in Hamilton by Andrew Schmidt and brother Alistair Schmidt. The magazine initially lasted for three issues of 100 copies each, and was distributed locally by Chelsea Records in Hamilton (first issue only) and by Flying Nun Records elsewhere. Chelsea Records ceased distribution after recieving a bad review in the first issue. The magazine was revived by Andrew Schmidt and brother Stu Schmidt in 1989 (150 copies at $2). Issue 5 included an article on Hamilton music history post-punk.

Issue six was released in 1990, by which time Andrew Schmidt had left Hamilton for the University of Canterbury. The zine continued to be published occasionally based in Christchurch, with issue seven released in 1992, issue eight in 1998, and issue nine in 2000. Andrew Schmidt has produced the zines Mysterex and Social End Product, and has recently returned to Hamilton. Alister and Stu Schmidt were the founders of Crawlspace Records.

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