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Greenfield are a Te Awamutu / Pirongia band, originally comprising schoolmates Jason Skelton (guitar, vocals), Isaac Thackray (guitar, vocals), Michael Thackray (drums, vocals) and Wayne Hall (bass, vocals).

Skelton later left to join the band No X Cuse, then Head First and later Blackjack. Murray Forster (guitar, vocals, harmonica) from Hamilton band On The Rocks joined in 1995.

Greenfield played regular gigs around the Waikato until 1997, including many at the Rose & Thorn and Commercial Hotel, both in Te Awamutu. The band still plays occasionally, with the current line up of Isaac Thackray (guitar, vocals), Michael Thackray (Mike) (guitar, bass, vocals), Stu Fraser (guitar, bass, vocals) and Alan Nunn (drums, vocals)

External Sites[edit]

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