Green Eggs and Hamilton

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Green Eggs and Hamilton was compiled and released to mark Contact 89FM's 21st birthday (although it was released a little bit late). The album's release party was held at the Wailing Bongo at the station's 21st, where MSU and Love's Ugly Children played sets consisting mainly of covers.

Track Listing

Trucker - Vatican
Grok - Salad
Hollow Grinders - Rhythm & Swing
Southern Tribe - Ska Tribe
Rumpus Room - Dog
Dean vs Nodrog - Girth
Tobermorie - Charmed
Fallen - Untitled
The Nerve - Fat Little Fucker
Overwash v's Megalon - Frankton Reprazent
MSU - Boozing
Scooter - Cranky American
Usine - Timbre
Inchworm - You Get to Me
Nodrog - The Immaculate Man