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Governor's Bar was a popular Hamilton bar, located in the river end of Bryce Street, which had its hey-day in the eighties and nineties. It catered to the office worker liquid lunchers during business hours and post-work drinkers afterward, before becoming a bogan-centric niteclub during the evenings.

Gov's, as it was affectionately known, had a garden bar with a small stage which hosted numeous wet t-shirt competitions and the like. Gov's also hosted many bands, most often the likes of Blackjack or Knightshade but also at one time Head Like a Hole and Bristish ska legends Bad Manners. Gov's hosted The Generator 89FM Battle of the Bands a couple of times earlier in the 2000s, soon afterward relaunching itself as a dedicated live-music bar.

Gov's proximity to the river was handy for a stroll down the banks for a quick session. The bouncers, whilst notorious sluts, were skilled in armed combat, one went on to represent NZ in kickboxing.

To some Gov's was great pub fondly remembered; to others, not so much.