Freak the Sheep

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Flying Nun Release (FN189) Freak the Sheep was named after BFM's New Zealand Music Show, hosted by Lisa Van der Aarde. The record was a selection of artists who made an impression on Auckland listeners, and included only one non-Auckland band; Hamilton's Watershed.

Track Listing

Side 1:
Malchicks- Vanilla
Watershed - Spark
Nemesis Dub Systems - Radical Technology
Second Child - Right Up
Plaster Saints - I Can't Reach You
Lee Harvey - Honey Jar

Side 2:
Compulsory Joy - Crash Love
Freak Power - Rye
Hallelujah Picassos - Rockin' Time
Nixons - Song To
Drill - No Trouble
Spermbank Five - Call Me Bub