First Thrust

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First Thrust was a collection of folk artists active in the Dublin scene in the early 1970s, which included Chris Thompson. It was released by Thrust Records (THR 1).


Side One:

  1. Johnny Norris and Niall Toner - Denomination Blues
  2. Johnny Norris and Niall Toner - Terenure Stomp
  3. Johnny Norris and Niall Toner - Billy the Kid
  4. Alan Halsey and Niall Toner - Cobblers Song
  5. Stokers Lodge - Groundhog
  6. Stokers Lodge - Gathering Flowers
  7. Stokers Lodge - Armoured Car
  8. Stokers Lodge - Last Game

Side Two:

  1. Chris Thompson - Alabama Song (live at TCD)
  2. Chris Thompson & Brian Dunning - London Blues
  3. Chris Thompson - Don't Be Afraid
  4. Tragic Magic - A Lover's Prayer
  5. Alan Halsey - Yellow Flowers and Black Stockings
  6. Alan Halsey - I Get Caught