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The Farm - photo by Simon Madill

Fideleo are a four piece band from Matamata, New Zealand. The members all met at school and began playing original music in 2001. Their style is an intricate and energetic progressive rock, with clear influences from funk and psychedelic.

Their intention is to take the listeners on a hypnotic journey of musical expression, shape moods of colour, manipulate emotions and mix feelings.

Fideleo played around 35 shows at various locations in the North Island during 2006. In May, they were interviewed on the Auckland Alt Music channel to promote their video for 'Share Her Tears.'

The band's gig posters and CD artwork have a characteristic style making them instantly recognizable as Fideleo's. Adam, who plays bass in the band, is the mind behind this. The designs are usually limited to a few colours and feature iconic representations of nature. The band often sets up light boxes displaying backlit images at some of their concerts.


  • Luke - Vocals
  • Shaun - Guitar/Vocals
  • Adam - Bass
  • Clarky - Drums



ill Records

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