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Fear and Loathing 3
Dribbly Cat Attraction was one of the most popular live Hamilton bands of the early 1990s, featuring Stefan Neville (drums and vocals), Grant Brodie (keyboards), Daniel Devicich (bass) and Jon Arcus (guitar). Formed at school, they were apparently not appreciated by their peers, but found a strong following amongst university students from their live performances at Ward Lane. They reached the finals of the Contact 89FM's Battle of the Bands in 1993. The band split up c.1994 when their guitarist flew to New York, recording an EP the day before. These recordings can be found on The Fridge compilation. They also released songs on a cassette titled D.C.A..

Grant went on to bands such as Grok and Inspector Moog, while Stefan was in Phones and Accessories, Chris Knox and the Nothing, and records solo as Pumice.


  • Da Happy Man appears on the 1992 compilation Juice Extractor
  • Vulnerable Sheds appears on the 1993 compilation Discordia Concors
  • Pineneedle appears on the 1993 compilation They came to take us alive
  • Guss' Mum, Coo'er Gosh, T.J. Hooker and Romano hit the Streets with Awesome Power and Pineneedles appear on the 1993 compilation Inside the Wireless
  • Coo er gosh, Collarbone sucks, Mens gymnastics, Gus mum and Beige caberet stiffie appear on the 1995 compilation The Fridge