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Deonne was a poet, author, songwriter, organist and conceptual artist who created the group Sympathy For Her Heroine (1995 - ?). At the same time she was a semi-permanent fixture of Disjecta Membra from 1995 - 2001, contributing to their lyrics, imagery, promotional materials, performance concepts and also as a vocalist.

Deonne was also a Contact 89FM announcer between 1994 and 1996 well known at the time for her lovely speaking voice and her love of all things 4AD related. She was a regular host of Drive and Breakfast shows, programmer of the station's "B Playlist", a trainer for many new DJs, and produced a number of one-off special shows for the Wednesday Night Special.

She left Hamilton for Wellington in 1997 where she was a co-founder of the multimedia collective and "dark alternative" New Zealand record label Mediatrix in about 1998/99, and became a member/contributor of Wellington-based music/theatre/multimedia "dark ambient" and experimental projects known as Gydja and Torture By Roses. She now works for the Ministry of Education.