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Contact has had numerous announcers since the inception of the station, largely comprising students of the university, and including many members of Hamilton bands. During the early 1980s the station had only around 10 announcers, due to the restricted air time, increasing to around 50 by 1885, and by the 1990s approximately 70 were used at any time.

This is a page listing past and present announcers on Contact. Due to the large numbers of announcers, this list will likely never be complete.

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88.1 FM Announcers

  • Kat Cox
  • Arthur Robinson (2004-2005, 2010-current)
  • Andrew Dean (Tinny Mission/Community Service)
  • Dan Looker (Tinny Mission/Community Service)
  • Shane Dudfield (2005-2008)
  • Pete Dawson
  • Jeremy Mayall (Funk/Soul show)
  • Shaarne Rarere (Funk/Soul show)
  • Jayden Caine (2007-2008, The Acid Flashback)
  • Rachel Sutton (2008-current, NZ music show)
  • Tamatai-A-Rangi Ngarimu (2007-2009, Sonic Explorations)
  • Paula Moneypenny (2008-current, Drive-show Host)
  • Matthew Bannister (2009-current)
  • Amanda Ratcliffe (2009-current, NZ music show)
  • Terry Gyde (2010-current, noise/electronica show)
  • Koma (2010-current, hip hop show)
  • DJ SMV (2010-current, hip hop show)
  • Alec Forbes (2010-current, jazz show)

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