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Conclusions album cover
Conclusions is the debut full-length album by Amy Racecar. It was released in March 2007. To support the release, the band toured with Aucklanders Meat-Bix.


Backing vocals were supplied by Matthew Scheurich, Shane Dudfield, Gian Perrone, Petra Jane, Kimbra Johnson, Rosalind Case, Wendy Richdale and Maria Mo.


  1. Richard Killed Himself
  2. Fear of Girls
  3. Hazing
  4. Satan
  5. The Bitches Wil Fly
  6. Code of Pointing Sticks
  7. Bathroom Inferno
  8. Sheryl Lee is Standing on the Phone
  9. Blindfold Satanists
  10. The Abandoning
  11. 12 Seasons
  12. Sad & Lonely

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