Christmas On The Rocks: A New Zealand Rock 'N' Roll Christmas

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2001 CD compilation released on Fast Food Records, including songs by The Datsuns and The Hollow Grinders


"Christmas On The Rocks" cover art
  1. The Hollow Grinders - When A Child Is Born
  2. The Datsuns - All I Want For Christmas
  3. The Brunettes - Tonight Mrs Claus Sleeps Alone
  4. The D4 - Don't Believe In Christmas
  5. Matt Alien - Do They Know It's Christmas?
  6. Five Car Pile Up - Beatnik's Wish
  7. Xanadu - I See A Star
  8. The Rock And Roll Machine - Christmas Cracker
  9. The Nudie Suits - Let The Party Go On
  10. Mary - Santa's In Town
  11. Hi-Tone Destroyers - What's The Deal With The Man In Red
  12. Deja Voodoo - Bottlestore Galactica Xmas Special
  13. Shaft - Must Be Santa
  14. Rainy Days - Joy Tomorrow
  15. The Hasselhoff Experiment - Saint Nick's Last Kick
  16. Brother Love And The Free Association - No Xmas For John Quays
  17. The Radio Kings - Blue Christmas
  18. Little Stevie McCabe - Rudolf 2001
  19. The Ogden Steers - Christmas On The Rocks