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Formed in Rotorua, Calamari Bushmen were a band whose members, like Number Thieves, went on to make a significant contribution to Hamilton music of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Bushmen formed in 1988 with the initial lineup of Jeremy Taylor (guitar & vocals), Thomas O'Leary (bass & vocals), Anthony Anema (drums) and Sarah Knight (cello). Knight soonafter left to play with Number Thieves and later Book of Martyrs.

Rather than finding a new cellist (it was Rotorua), some band restructuring took place. By 1989 Jamie Pickernell had been added, sharing guitar & vocal duties with Taylor, whilst Paul Tregilgas took over bass, leaving O'Leary to focus solely on vocals. This lineup remained together until about 1991.

Co-founder O'Leary and newcomer Tregilgas then left; Tregilgas at the time already increasingly involved in several Hamilton bands such as The Haunting, A Crown Of Wild Myrtles and Hapukalypse Now.

Jeremy Taylor and Anthony Anema (now the only original members) restructured again. Anema remained on drums and Taylor switched from guitar to bass. Michael Olsen was added as the new guitarist, sharing vocals with Taylor, while Lisa Yerex became the band's backing vocalist.

This lineup completed the band's only release, the EP The Ghosts of Things I've Killed released in 1992. The track HAL was a favourite on Contact 89FM.