Brett Wilson

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Somersault, with Wilson 2nd from left

Brett Wilson (1973-) is a Hamilton musician and music tutor. He has played in several bands including Deafening Whispers (1987-1990), Holy Smoke (1990-1992), Somersault (1998-2004), Radiator (2002), the Bob Dylan Electric Gospel Band (2006-2010), Broken Harmonium (2008-2010), the Hinsons (2011-2013), Sound the Ocean (2012-2015) and the Join Outs (2015-). Wilson also plays for other artists such as Derek Lind, Steve Apirana and Simon Hirst and is a regular fixture as bass player in bar bands around town.

Teaching Career

Upon graduating from Wintec in 1999 with a Bachelor of Media Arts (Music), Wilson began his teaching career in 2000 at Vision College, a private tertiary education provider that delivers a Bachelor of Music. In 2003, he moved to Dunedin to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in music at the University of Otago. In 2004, Wilson began a two-year stint teaching at Wintec only to return to Vision College in 2006 where he currently teaches. In 2009, Wilson completed a Masters thesis on the Finn brothers' album Everyone Is Here.

Personal Life

Wilson married Pamela Gunn in 1998 and is a father to Dylan (2003-) and Ella (2005-). He has attended Eastside Apostolic Church is whole life and is a leading member of the church music team.