Boil Up

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"Maaori Version" cover art

Reggae band Boil Up featured Gary Clarkson (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brian McMillan (lead guitar) and Eric McLeod (a.k.a., Rick O'Kane]]; bass), and at times also included Mark Kington (sax), Stu Armstrong (drums), Eliza McLeod (keyboards), Louisa Talbot (vocals) and 'Kararehe' (vocals). They are considered by some to be the band that lead to the revival of roots music in the 2000s.

Gary Clarkson had previously co-founded Dry Riser, later named D-Riser, reputedly Hamilton's first reggae band, and has later ended up in Cosmic Ska Child. Mark Kington was formerly a staple member of King Biscuit. Stu Armstrong was the sales person for Contact89FM and also of Bwa da Riddim. Brian McMillan went on to form Cornerstone Roots. He is now known as Brian Ruawai

Daniel (?) was the primary manager of the band, although Adam Hyde also managed them for a short time. Adam ran for the Hamilton Arts Council specifically to get Boil Up into the Hamilton Council chambers to perform some songs in front of the Arts Council. They were awarded a $500 grant as a result, which helped fund their CD.


Boil Up - photo by Kent Blechynden