Batstorm Murders

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Batstorm Murders formed in 2004. They mainly played shows in Hamilton, including at Youthzone, Ward Lane, a Vampyres' Ball, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed gig in drag. While they sang songs about decadence, veganism, the corruption in the modern world, and sexual deviancy, they recorded one song while together. After their breakup, members went on to join, re-join, or create bands including Antagonist (Sam Croker), Slipping Tongue, Penelope The (Jared), Strangers (Kalem), Black Heart Endeavour, Cold By Winter, Dead Hero, Force Fed Trauma and In Dread Response.

Band Members

  • Sam Crocker - vocals
  • Sean - vocals
  • Skeeter - guitars
  • Kalem - bass
  • Nadine - keyboard
  • Jared - drums
  • Other Sam - vocals
  • Karl - original vocalist

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